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Jason’s dedication to the health of the environment includes mentoring and modeling of effective leadership and organization skills. My involvement as a park steward and farm market organizer has had the benefit of his generous sharing of these skills over the 15 years I have known him. He has what the city needs: integrity, leadership and collaborative skills, the ability to engage individuals and the community, an understanding of the complexities of the issues facing the city along with a willingness to present as such, and a generous and energetic spirit. I wholeheartedly endorse his candidacy.
~ Jeannine Palms, Community Activist

I strongly support Jason for City Council. In his time in office his votes on city-wide issues demonstrate careful thought and analysis. He provides his constituents with an informative newsletter and is very responsive to their concerns.
~Charles Borgsdorf, First Ward Resident

As a former city employee and one of our current representatives on Council, Jason has experience on both sides of city government. He seeks input from all parties to an upcoming decision, especially the First Ward residents, before deciding how to vote. He is thoughtful and considerate and I appreciate how well his updates keep the First Ward residents informed.
~Audrey Wojtkowiak, First Ward Resident, Ann Arbor Housing Commissioner

Jason Frenzel is a smart, engaged, and positive community activist. He is an outstanding member of City Council.
~ Russ Collins, Arts & Culture Activist

Jason is a passionate, informed and communicative leader – exactly what we need in City Council! I am proud to support his campaign to represent the 1st Ward.
~Colleen Crawley, First Ward Resident

Having worked with Jason through the Great Recession, I have seen him make hard choices to the betterment of our community. He embodies Ann Arbor’s values of sustainability and justice. As Ann Arbor moves from an environment of less economic scarcity, Jason will be a thoughtful steward of our finances, goals, residents, and environment.
~John Hieftje, Former Mayor of Ann Arbor

We need more people with Jason’s commitment to the environment in city government. I’m pleased to support him.
~Leslie Sobel, First Ward Activist

It has been a joy to collaborate with Jason on Ann Arbor’s Environmental Commission. He is extremely knowledgeable on the environmental issues that impact Ann Arbor, and he is a true advocate for our city.
~Allison Skinner, First Ward Resident

Those of us who had a chance to interview Jason prior to his City Council appointment  last year recognized the community value of his years of work with the Ann Arbor Parks Department and the Huron River Watershed Council. We also appreciate his continuing commitment to leadership in improving public services and his willingness to listen to all sides in dealing with difficult issues–including ways of preserving housing affordability in Ann Arbor. Jason clearly deserves our vote to remain on City Council.
~Ray Detter, Chair, Downtown Citizen Advisory Commission

Jason’s expertise and commitment to solving environmental issues are assets for our community. I urge my friends in the First Ward to elect this energetic young man.
~Wendy Woods, Former Council Member Fifth Ward

I am honored to support Jason Frenzel’s candidacy for election to Ann Arbor City Council as a representative from the 1st ward.  He will consistently ascertain and address the wide array of our community’s needs and concerns through open and honest communication, knowledge, skill, and experience.
~Jim Toy, Founder Spectrum Center, Co-author Ann Arbor’s original equal rights ordinance, and on and on

Jason doesn’t shy away from the most pressing issues our community faces: social justice and sustainability. He has integrity and passion and my enthusiastic support.
~Eileen Spring, Community Activist

Jason Frenzel is a thoughtful leader who has the best interest of our City, our people and our environment in mind.
~Lisa Brush, Ward 1 Resident and Environmental Activist

Jason’s skills in community organizing and passion for Ann Arbor and the environment make him a uniquely qualified candidate. I look forward to his service on Ann Arbor’s City Council.
~Keith Orr, Owner Aut Bar, Common Language Book Store

Jason is highly qualified to take on a leadership role in our community.  He is patient, and really understands the importance of community conversation.  Our city needs representatives to lead and actively engage.  We can trust Jason to do both.
~Kerene Moore, Activist

In his time on City Council, Jason has demonstrated that he knows how to bring people together, to listen to, respect, and respond to diverse viewpoints. His Council updates have kept constituents informed, and have given us a channel for two-way communication. Jason’s expertise in environmental and water quality issues is more important than ever right now, as Ann Arbor deals with complex concerns like the Gelman groundwater contamination issue and flood management.
~Janis Bobrin, Past Washtenaw County Water Resource Commissioner

Jason has been responsive and well informed on the issues when I contact him
~Dave Fanslow, First Ward Resident

Jason not only talks the talk, he walks the walk. He cares about our city in everything he does and I am proud to call him friend.
~Patti Smith, Educator and Historian

Jason Frenzel is bringing together the voices of a broad cross-section of our community to guide Council in making decisions that support a thriving, sustainable and resilient community for the future.
~Jim Frey, Expert on Recycling Systems

Jason Frenzel is a deeply thoughtful leader dedicated at his core to serving his community.  He is one of the most authentic listeners I have ever known, and I have watched him use these skills in his service as a councilperson, carefully considering the many voices of his constituents when making decisions.
~Amanda Edmonds, Mayor, City of Ypsilanti

City issues are often more complex than a sound bite –  Jason not only listens to constituents, he takes the time to explain what each of us can do to help make the change we want to see over time.  In his short tenure on council, Jason has placed himself in front of issues that will make a long-term difference to this community.   His willingness to look at our city as an organization – and his leadership on issues like community policing and climate change – will help make our city a place we can be proud of for years to come.
~Mike Appel, Ecologist

We are in a defining moment when urgent global challenges require ambitious local action and leadership. Jason Frenzel is stoking our capacities for collaboration, creativity and compassion to overcome seemingly insurmountable problems and achieve our community’s goals more effectively.
~Matt and Kelly Grocoff, Environmental Activists

I have known Jason for some years now. He is unflappably honest, warm and optimistic. I also find Jason to be the foremost environmentalist on a City Council mostly in support of environmental concerns.
~Robert Gordon, Environmental Activist 

Jason has an impressive track record of working for Ann Arbor, its residents, parks, and watershed. Since his arrival on Council he partnered with neighbors to deliver meaningful solutions to complex issues. He is an engaged, thoughtful First Ward representative.
~Christopher Taylor, Mayor of Ann Arbor

Jason brings critical skills to council. He understands the process of how to get things done. He thinks critically about issues and how they will impact future policy, and most importantly the people of Ann Arbor. In addition to being a brilliant thinker, he involves other people in the decision making process. I just think he is a great city council member because of his skills in supporting participatory government, in considering and listening to all sides of an issue, communicating information, and following through on what matters. My concern right now is in the area of transportation and pedestrian safety. Jason understands the complex issues, and he also keeps in mind what is simple – it’s about safety. I believe he is one of the most uniquely qualified council members that we have. I hope he will continue to have the opportunity to make Ann Arbor government more transparent, responsive, and responsible.
~Linda Diane Feldt, Community Leader 

I’ve known Jason Frenzel for 15 years. He is a man of virtue and integrity, and when I saw he was running for city council I begged to endorse him! I am so proud to be the owner of a local foods Business in a community with such a quality citizen as Jason Frenzel!
~David Klingenberger, Chief Fermenting Officer/Owner, ThePhillis Brinery

I would love to be represented by Jason Frenzel on City Council. He has just what the First Ward and the city need: demonstrated leadership, creative problem-solving capability, collaborative style, and an endless supply of positive energy. Jason has my support, 100%.
~Phillis Engelbert, Ward 1 resident, co-owner The Lunch Room

As the Vice Chairperson of the City of Ann Arbor, Energy Commission, I have had a unique opportunity to work with Jason as the City Council representative to the Energy Commission on energy and environmental issues related to Ann Arbor’s Climate Action Plan. Jason’s deep commitment to climate change issues and keen insights, dedication and tireless work on behalf of the environment is quite refreshing. I have found his support for Ann Arbor’s Climate Action Plan, Solar Goals, to be particularly compelling. In addition, I am extremely pleased with Jason’s leadership on issues such as mitigating the negative effects of Ann Arbor’s extremely regressive solar taxation policies, leadership and inclusivity, economic stewardship, community transit and walkability, culture, parks, nature and open spaces, housing affordability, equity and art and, most importantly, sustainability. I sincerely look forward to Jason’s continued and enlightened leadership on City Council.
~Mark H. Clevey, Energy Activist

For years I have been impressed with Jason’s tireless work for the environment, for inclusion, and for community–values that have carried through in his work on City Council. He has my full endorsement.
~Chuck Warpehoski, City Council Ward 5

Jason Frenzel is a passionate, energetic and thoughtful community leader. I am proud to support Jason Frenzel for re-election to Ann Arbor City Council because I know he cares deeply about each and every resident and is committed to enriching our already amazing community.
~Jason Morgan, Washtenaw County Commissioner

In his time on City Council, I have come to know Jason and find him to be a tremendous advocate for the City and its residents.  He is committed to working collaboratively with stakeholders on issues to ensure all viewpoints are heard and decisions made that support a vibrant and thriving community for now and into the future.
~Graydon Krapohl, City Council, Ward 4

Jason puts in the work for individual residents and the community as a whole. His many years of public service, environmental activism, and community organizing shine through in the constituent service he provides and the legislation he writes.
~Zachary Ackerman, City Council, Ward 3

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