About Jason


Jason Frenzel is a progressive, pragmatic Democrat running for City Council in Ann Arbor’s Ward 1. Jason leads service minded organizations, mentors community initiatives, and tirelessly advocates for strong, sound improvements in Ann Arbor.

What I bring to the City Council table

  • 15 years of creating budgets for city projects—and coming in under cost estimates
  • A positive, optimistic voice that fosters cooperative action
  • An inclusive leadership style that gathers different people to work well together
  • Expertise about our natural resources such as the Huron River, our beautiful parks, and recreation areas
  • Professional history that has given me an inside look on how our city runs
  • Experience with broader issues, such as climate change effects, that will keep Ann Arbor in the forefront of eco-wise decisions
  • An innovative mindset that has created successful city programs
  • A giant ear and a sharp nose to the grindstone. I will listen to your concerns, represent them equally, and work smartly to solve them.

Professional Experience

  • 10 years: City of Ann Arbor Natural Area Preservation Program, Volunteer & Outreach Coordinator
    • Founder: City of Ann Arbor Adopt-A-Park Program
    • Founder: Citizen Pruner Program
  • 6 years: Huron River Watershed Council, Volunteer & Stewardship Coordinator
  • Boards and Commissions
    • Audit Committee
    • Community Events Funds Committee
    • Council Rules Committee
    • Energy Commission
    • Environmental Commission
    • Medical Marijuana Ordinance Review Committee
    • Recreation Advisory Commission
    • Urban County Executive Committee
    • Washtenaw Area Transit System

Community Involvement

  • Homegrown Festival, Co-Founder and Chair
  • Local Food Summit, Co-Founder and Chair
  • Malletts, Millers, and Fleming Creekshed Coordinating Committees, Coordinator/Member
  • Association of Leaders in Volunteer Engagement, President Elect

Personal Interests


  • Running in local parks
  • Home brewing
  • Gardening
  • Canning and preserving
  • Home repairs and remodeling
  • Helping friends and neighbors